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Footer Background Artwork, "40th Birthday" by my daughter, Olivia Zowie Palma


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A genre-bending debut with a fiercely political heart, A Haunting in Hialeah Gardens explores the weight of the devil’s bargain, following the lengths one man will go to for the promise of freedom.

"Raul Palma's novel, A Haunting in Hialeah Gardens, offers us hilarity and heartbreak in equal measure. With lush prose and an unerring eye, Palma chronicles the substrata of Miami—the human costs of immigration, poverty, debt, discrimination, and, yes, ghosts—beneath the city's breezy, tropical surface. A pitch-perfect debut."

     —Cristina García, author of Dreaming in Cuban           and the forthcoming Vanishing Maps

Ultraviolet Light_Cover2.jpg

2021 Don Belton Prize Winner

Boldly interrogating identity, the discomfort of connection, and the entanglement of love and cruelty, In This World of Ultraviolet Light is a nuanced collection of stories that won't let you go.

"The stories collected In This world of Ultraviolet Light by Raul Palma unleash surprises at every turn. The characters and experiences are familiar and yet a newness and strangeness emerges like a bright glow escaping from the other side that make us fascinated. Casting a different light on why we love, I simply couldn’t stop reading."


    —Helena María Viramontes latest novel is

         Their Dogs Came with Them.

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